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True Lacrosse Handle Alloy
$60.00 - $200.00
$175.00 - $225.00

A must-have tool to aid you in stringing your traditional lacrosse pocket.
Stick Doctor has seen a 480% increase in the sale of leathers in 2014. We expect that number to increase as more players and stringers learn the benefits of hold, feel, and release with traditionally strung sticks. 
The relationship between a player and a pocket is not something purchased, but something" learned and earned".
FREE with your $30+ Order!*
*Use Coupon Code "tradassist". Retail, Team and Associate domestic customers only.
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Spring Sidewall & Crosslace Spool 



$10 per spool*

for the following colors: 


Sidewall: Black and Neon Pink, Black and Yellow Gold, Carolina and Black, Carolina and Orange, Kelly Green, Navy and Yellow Gold, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Orange and Black, Purple, Purple and Yellow Gold, Royal and White, Silver, Yellow Gold and Forest Green



Crosslace: Brown, Carolina, Kelly Green, Maroon, Navy, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pin, and Purple

*Retail, Teams and Associates customers only. Offer expires 6/2/15. 


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Stick Doctor Lacrosse Mesh and stringing supplies . . . 

everything you need for your lacrosse stick -  mesh, heads, shooting laces, spools, strings, lacrosse leathers, and stringing kits.

Looking for lacrosse equipment? Stick Doctor provides the highest quality lacrosse mesh and lacrosse mesh stringing kits available. Whether you’re new to the sport or have been involved for years in our great sport, using premium lacrosse mesh and laces should be a top priority. We provide the finest mesh and stringing lacrosse supplies, for the serious players - from college and high school, to youth and beginners, along with the weekend warrior lax-dude. 

Browse around our products on our online store and create a custom mesh kit for your game . . . make sure your lacrosse head is strung with the best materials to assist you in keeping a step ahead of the competition.

Stick StringerTeam, and  Wholesale discount accounts are available!