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Design Your Own Kit

Just $.50 each!*
*Retail, Teams, Associates, and Wholesale. 
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Bag odor got you down? 
A big hit at the tournaments last summer, our five star rated Odor Gladiators to the rescue! With the hot summer months coming up, toss an Odor Gladiator with its fresh linen shield in your bag, and it will neutralize your bag for up to 90 days. 
Yes, it really does work!
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Stick Doctor Lacrosse Mesh and stringing supplies . . . 

everything you need for your lacrosse stick -  mesh, heads, shooting laces, spools, strings, lacrosse leathers, and stringing kits.

Looking for lacrosse equipment? Stick Doctor provides the highest quality lacrosse mesh and lacrosse mesh stringing kits available. Whether you’re new to the sport or have been involved for years in our great sport, using premium lacrosse mesh and laces should be a top priority. We provide the finest mesh and stringing lacrosse supplies, for the serious players - from college and high school, to youth and beginners, along with the weekend warrior lax-dude. 

Browse around our products on our online store and create a custom mesh kit for your game . . . make sure your lacrosse head is strung with the best materials to assist you in keeping a step ahead of the competition.

Stick StringerTeam, and  Wholesale discount accounts are available!